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For instance, the Swatch group is in a sense "peer" to cheap Rolex watches. Their subsidiaries manufacture and sell watch brands including Tissot, Breguet and Longines. However, there is no way to see separately the data regarding each product group they have business in (they disclose overall information regarding both mid-segment cheapest rolex watches (which they also do) and luxury high-margin ones). Therefore it's impossible to get the answer straight from their documents. That's why we are only left with the option of capturing the needed indirectly using some financial basics and common sense.

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One of the current cheap rolex watch collecting trend is the people tend to prefer unpolished watches. So if you're planning to sell off your cheap rolex watches at some point of time, try not to polish it. If the trend reverses, it's not too late to polish it again, but once polished, it can never be reversed.

Should a Cheap Rolex Watches be serviced every so often? If so how often?
The norm for mechanical watch servicing interval is recommended at 3-5 years by most brands and watchmakers. I feel that it is because they want to earn your money. It's their source of income after all. Cheap Rolex Watches has recently, in a surprise move, announced that the recommended service interval is 10 years for their movements (up from 5). This is something I agree more with. Good mechanical movements can last 10 years easily. However, it is dependent on what kind of movements you have and how much you use them.

What is the cost of a cheap Rolex Watches for a dealer?
A margin of around 40% of the retail price is about right for luxury watches like cheap Rolex watches, Patek, AP, VC, JLC, etc (actually closer to 50%). It is more for the mass production watch brands like Seiko, Citizen, and Casio and mid tier watch brands like Frederique Constant, Longines, Sinn, etc.

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